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Matogreen academy for agricultural training

Agricultural Investment Courses

First Agricultural Training Course


How To Choose, Plan and Manage Your Agricultural Project Successfully

Course Topics:-

  • An introduction to agricultural investment in Sudan
  • Types of investments in the agricultural field
  • The best investments in different systems (rainfly, drip, axial)
  • The application of agricultural technologies and their impact on productivity
  • The challenges and risks of agricultural investment and the obstacles you may face
  • How to choose agricultural projects from the options presented
  • Proper project planning
  • Good project management
  • A detailed feasibility study for a crop with a high economic return

Target audience of the course:-

Those wishing to enter the field of agricultural investment inside and outside Sudan

By the end of the training course, the trainee gets a clear vision of agricultural investment and which investments are better according to his financial situation and his ability to manage

The course starts on : 24/9

The number of hours : 15 hours

time : 10:00pm – 7:30pm Sudan time

سعر الدورة : 99 dollars or its equivalent in Sudanese pounds 56,900 pounds