Examples of some agricultural projects implemented by Matogreen Company

Implementation of care and supervision work for fruit trees for the 2021 season

Client: Mr. Mahmoud Mohamed El-Amin
Farm location: Omdurman North
The offered service:
Integrated care and supervision on the farm.
Pruning, fertilizing and controlling trees on the farm
Type of trees: lemon.. mango.. guava.. palm.. grapefruit.. orange..

Implementation of care and pruning work for fruit trees for the 2021 season

Client: Raghad Agricultural Project
Location: River Nile State - Shendi
The offered service:
Pruning 3000 trees (grapefruit + orange) at 5 years old
Breeding pruning of 8000 trees (grapefruit + orange + lemon) at the age of two years

Management, supervision and cultivation of 1000 acres - season 2021

Client: Petavco Trading Company & Faeda Trading Company
Location: Qadah Abdul-Qader Al-Sayed Model Project - Qadarif - Al-Muqrah
Area: 1000 acres
Cultivated crops: corn, white sesame, and watermelon seeds

Peanut cultivation project with center pivot irrigation system

Client : Atiqullah Afghani
Location: Shendi - Emarat Al Khair Project
Area: 85 acres

Implementation of agricultural preparations for the fall 2021 season for cotton, sorghum and watermelon crops.

Client: Smart Business Development Co., Ltd.
Gadarif state - Simsim - Abu Sibaika
Area: 8000 acres

Cultivation of peanuts under center pivot irrigation system for the season 2021

Client: Al-Tayeb Al-Khalifa Hassan Group for Oils (Nadec Agricultural Project in Sudan)
Location : Kurdofan North state - Arbaeen road (Khartoum - Bara - Alobaied)
Area: 330 acres

Implementation of care work for Dr. Hadi Imam’s farm for the 2021 season - Al-Osailat area

5,000 different fruit trees (Dahalia lemon, pomegranate, olive, cream, grapefruit and palm trees).

Silage harvesting and compacting

Mudathir for the agricultural and animal production project - Dungola - Kudruka


Sorghum Silage fodder harvesting in Ailafon farm (CAPO)

Dal Agricultural Company - Ailafon farm - CAPO


2021 summer season preparation for rainfed agriculture

Gadarif state - Simsim - Abu Sibaika - 8000 Feddan


2000 feddan preparationn and cultivating in the River Nile state

Orbis project - 2019 summer season

جرارين زراعيين بجوارهما عدة أشخاص
جرار زراعي مع سماء بها بعض السحب الصغيرة
جرار زراعي يقوم بحرث أرض مع سماء بها بعض السحب

Installation of drip irrigation network

GSK company - 12 kilo west of Omdurman - 73 feddan

أرض بها بقع بيضاء
رجل يقوم بتركيب أنابيب الري بالتنقيط

2021 season fruits trees following up

Providing care work for fruit trees for more than 7800 trees

أشجار فاكهة
أشجار فاكهة