soil and water testing and analysis service

It is concerned with knowing the properties of soil and water through the following:

  1. Take the coordinates of the sampling sites
  2. The locations are distributed according to the variation of the terrain
  3. Samples are taken from selected sites representing all field soils
  4. Field tests and laboratory tests are done to determine the percentages of sodium, salinity, alkalinity and soil or water type
  5. The method of analyzing samples and comparing the results with international standards is explained
  6. Submit a report that includes:
    • Detailed soil and water analysis results
    • Determine whether the soil is suitable for cultivation or not?
    • Is the water suitable for irrigation?
    • Determine the most appropriate crops that are suitable for soil and water, according to previous analysis results
    • Provide agricultural recommendations and soil treatment steps
    • Attached photos and description of the profile sampling method